Voices of Resilience

19 Nov

Poetry is life in print and this work gives voice to our resilient lives. Submit.
Lamisa Mustafa is a first-year student at Southern Methodist University, double majoring
in Human Rights and Sociology, and minoring in French. She is passionate about human rights and, specifically, the power of narratives in social justice. Through
Voices of Resilience, she will be creating a space for people to express themselves with poetry. This space will be both online and in-print in the form of an anthology with poetry submissions from SMU and the greater DFW community. Through her project, she hopes to expand her concepts of expression, continue to develop her leadership skills, and learn how to be a better global citizen. Her project began with her participation in the Pangea Network’s Young Women’s Leadership Conference and is funded by the SMU Caswell Leadership

Voices of Resilience
is an anthology celebrating human diversity and the human experience. We are looking for poems on any theme. Poems can be of form, free verse, or spoken word style. No formal poetry experience is needed to be qualified to submit, but the poems will be reviewed before publication. Please email up to three poems to voicespoems@gmail.com
by December 17, 2017.

Thank you endlessly for your resilience.


Voices of Resilience


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