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On hearts and trinkets

14 Feb

One heart that beats for me

each day is far more

sweet, chocolate, velvet

courting, loving, knowing

and deserving of mine

than any other fashioned

out of paper and red dye.


I will meet this heart

in places warm and soft

cozy, comfortable, familiar

and giggle, maybe even chortle

at kindergarten jokes

and welcome what should be

awkward, but in love is real.


I will have ears to listen as I

also find audience in this heart.

I will give words that edify

and seek forgiveness when they sear.

I will remember tender small things

When aught sneaks in,

to begin again, rekindle, I pray.


And when fire is rekindled something

new always burns while the old

crumbles into ashes. So let bitterness wither,

remaining only old lovers with

new love, retrofit for new days,

two hearts, ever beating always

for each other —daily.



© Asani Charles 2/11/09